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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Interior Design (IDAS1)

Award: Associate in Applied Science Degree
Program Location: Elkhorn Valley Campus

This degree provides students with aesthetic design knowledge and skills and a practical knowledge of retail and business procedures in the area of interior products and services. Job opportunities include positions as interior design assistants and consultants and sales personnel for local interior product retailers and vendors. All INTD prefix courses, with the exception of INTD 2981 , transfer to the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s Interior Design program. Ask an advisor for details.

Recommended Program Map   

Click here  to see the recommended Program Map for this degree. Courses are listed by quarter to show the fastest path to your degree and should be completed in the order listed. If you are unable to complete all courses listed in a quarter, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows. If you have questions or concerns about your map, please call 531-622-2400.

Graduation Requirements
Major Requirements: 73.0
General Education: 22.5
Total credit hours required: 95.5

The following General Education courses are recommended for Fashion Design (FDAAS): Critical Thinking/Creativity & Social/Cultural Awareness: ARTS 1000  

Major Requirements for Interior Design

Select 13.5 Credit Hours from the Following:

Associate in Applied Sciences General Education Requirements (22.5 credit hours)

The following are General Education requirements for an Associate in Applied Sciences degree (AAS). Students may not use the same course to satisfy more than one degree requirement.


1 Course     4.5 credit hrs.

Select 1 Level I course from the list of Communication General Education courses in the current course catalog.


1 Course     4.5 - 5.0 credit hrs. 

Please check your degree program for recommended Math course.

Select 1 college level math course from the list of General Education math courses in the current course catalog.

*Based on the Math course you select, pre-requisites may be required.

Critical Thinking/Creativity & Social/Cultural Awareness

1 Course     4.5 credit hrs.

Select 1course from the list of Humanities or Social Sciences General Education course options in the current course catalog. 


Scientific Inquiry

1 Course     4.5-6.0 credit hrs.   

Select 1 course from list of Natural or Social Science General Education courses in the current course catalog.


*Students choosing a Social Sciences course to satisfy the Scientific Inquiry requirement should take a Humanities course to satisfy the Critical Thinking/Creativity and Social/Cultural Awareness competency.

Professionalism/Life Skills & Information Literacy

1 Course     4.5

Select one of the following courses.