Jun 16, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2023- 2024 Catalog Addendums

While every possible step has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the catalog, sometimes minor changes must be made throughout the year that are in the interest of the students or the College. The following are updates and changes made after the initial publication on June 1, 2023. These changes are reflected in the online version of the catalog but will not be reflected in the print version and are considered an addendum to the 2023-2024 catalog.


Course Changes

1/17/2024 - WELD 1700

Due to a clerical error, the WELD 1700 prerequisites we not updated correctly. They have been corrected to reflect the following: 

Prerequisites: (6) WELD 1000, WELD 1100, WELD 2200, WELD 1200, WELD 1400 and WELD 1500 with grades of C or better must be completed prior to taking this course.



Program Changes

11/10/23 - Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer - Creative Writing (LTCAA) Program

To correct an error, the Quantitative/Numeracy General Education requirement has been updated to reflect the current requirements for AA degrees. 


1/16/2024 - Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer - Creative Writing (LTCAA) Program

To correct an error, the Foreign Language requirment wording was changed to: Complete 15 credit hours in one or more languages from the Humanities Transfer Course List offerings.


1/19/2024 - Computer Programming Career Certificate (ITPRO)

To add needed clarification, the wording was changed for students planning to combine this certificate with the Web and Mobile App Programming (WMPCC) certificate to: “select Option 1 or Option 2 below for one of their two programming languages”.



Other Changes

9/6/2023 - To correct an accidental omission the following has been added to Enrollment > Transcript Evaluation

(**) Due to content being regularly updated for the following courses, non-MCC courses will only be accepted if they have been taken within a specific time frame:

  • HIMS 2400, HIMS 2420 and HIMS 2430 - courses need to have been taken within three years of the current catalog year.

  • INFO 1001 - course needs to have been taken within five years of the current catalog year.


10/30/2023 - Additional Associate Degrees

The following policy was added to the catalog: 

Additional Associate Degrees

Under certain conditions, it is possible to earn one or more additional AFA-Focused associate degrees. Program requirements include: (1) all General Education and program requirements for the second degree are met, and (2) satisfactory completion of a minimum of 15 additional credit hours for each degree award.


1/6/2023 - General Education Quantitative/Numeracy Skills

To correct an error, MATH 1430; Trigonometry, has been added back to the Quantitative/Numeracy Skills General Education course options.