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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

AASIT - Program Maps

Assoicate in Applied Science - Information Technology (AASIT) Program Maps

Program Maps are the recommended sequence of courses, listed by quarter, to show the fastest path to your degree and should be completed in the order listed. Program Maps also contain important notes and recommendations. If you are unable to complete all courses listed in a quarter, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows. 

Below is a list of AASIT degree combinations. Select the path you have chosen to see the associated Program Map. If you have questions or concerns about your map, please call 531-622-2400.


Administrative Technology Concentration 

Administrative Technology (ADTCC) + Digital Technology Career Certificate (DIGCC)    

Administrative Technology (ADTCC) + Instructional Technology and Design Career Certificate (ITDCC)     


Computer Programming Concentration 

Computer Programming (ITPRO) + Game Developer (GAMCC)    

Computer Programming (ITPRO) + Web and Mobile App Programming (WMPCC)   


Database and Data Science Concentration

Database Administration (DBACC) + Computer Programming Career Certificate (ITPRO)   

Database Administration (DBACC) + Data Science Career Certificate (DASCC)   


Information Systems and Technology Concentration 

Information Technology Technician (TETCA) + Cisco Advanced Networking (CANCC)   

Information Technology Technician (TETCA) + Cloud/Server Administration Career Certificate (ITCSA) Linux option   

Information Technology Technician (TETCA) + Cloud/Server Administration Career Certificate (ITCSA) Windows option   

Information Technology Technician (TETCA) + Cybersecurity Career Certificate (CYBCC)   

Information Technology Technician (TETCA) + IT Support (ITSCC)     


Web Development Concentration

Web Development (WDCCI) + Data Science Career Certificate (DASCC)