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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Legal Specialist Career Certificate (LSPCC)

Award: Career Certificate
Pathway to Associate Degree: Legal Studies - Paralegal (LSPAR)
Program Location: Elkhorn Valley Campus, Fort Omaha Campus, Fremont Center, Sarpy Center, South Omaha Campus, Online

Graduation Requirements: 27.0 credit hrs.

Throughout the legal profession, entry level opportunities exist for those with a general knowledge of the legal environment in the United States.  Students pursuing the MCC Legal Specialist Career Certificate gain a broad understanding of the legal profession by selecting from courses focused on business law, litigation, and/or immigration law.  The Legal Specialist Career Certificate provides students with an opportunity to explore multiple topical areas while still earning an award and providing a pathway toward a Certificate of Achievement and/or an Associate Degree.

Students pursuing the Legal Specialist Career Certificate have the latitude to select six courses (for a total of 27 credit hours) from among the three topical areas listed below.  Students can combine courses from among all three areas based on their interests, but they are required to select courses from at least two areas (e.g., business law and litigation, business law and immigration law, or litigation and business law).  Typically, students would pick two courses from each topical area listed below.  Students should work with an advisor, counselor, or LAWS Instructor when selecting courses and designing a plan that meets their career development goals.

Required Courses for Legal Specialist Career Certificate

Students select a total of 6 course (27.0 credits) from two or three of the three areas listed areas below.

Immigration Law