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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Public Health (PBHCE)

Award: Certificate of Achievement
Pathway to Associate Degree: General Health Studies Associate in Applied Science (PHAAS)
Program Location: South Omaha Campus, Fremont Campus, Online

The certificate in public health is to educate front-line health workers with expertise and experience in assisting individuals and communities to navigate the U.S. community health, health care, and the entire healthcare paradigm systems; improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery; and accomplish personal prevention and health care goals. Students will have coursework in prevention and community health, emotional health care, parenting and family problem solving, and school coursework. Basic written and oral communication skills as well as fundamental quantitative skills are essential for success and are integrated throughout the curriculum. Concepts of determinants include client-centered care and decision making, accessing resources for diverse families, cultural competence, and disease self-management. The curriculum is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate differing state regulations and differing local job markets.

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All required classes for the PBHCE degree must have a grade of C or better to graduate from the program.

Graduation Requirements
Major Requirements: 34.5
General Education: 13.5
Total credit hours required: 48.0


EMSP 1000  is required for those who do not currently hold a valid CPR/first aid card.

General Education Requirements (13.5 credit hrs.)


Humanities/Social Sciences

Quantitative/Numeracy Skills