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2021-2022 Course Catalog 
2021-2022 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Design, Interactivity, and Media Arts - 3-D Animation and Games (DI3DO)

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Award: Associate in Applied Science Degree
Location: Elkhorn Valley Campus

Students create models, characters, and imaginative spaces that are the foundation of 3D in games, real-time simulations, and the film industry. These skills also apply to marketing, web design, architecture, and social media.

Graduation Requirements
General Education: 22.5
Major Requirements: 27.0
Concentration Requirements: 45.0
Total credit hours required: 94.5

The following General Education courses are recommended for 3-D Animation and Games (DI3DO): Critical Thinking/Creativity & Social/Cultural Awareness: Choose 1 of the following for the Humanities option: ARTS 1110    or ARTS 1120   


Tier I - Major Requirements

Students must take all courses

Tier III - Electives

Associate in Applied Sciences General Education Requirements (22.5 credit hours)

The following are General Education requirements for an Associate in Applied Sciences degree (AAS). Students may not use the same course to satisfy more than one degree requirement.


1 Course     4.5 credit hrs.

Select English Level 1 course from the list of Communication General Education courses in the current course catalog.


1 Course     4.5 - 5.0 credit hrs. 

Please check your degree program for recommended Math course.

Select 1 college level math course from the list of General Education math courses in the current course catalog.

*Based on the Math course you select, pre-requisites may be required.


Critical Thinking/Creativity & Social/Cultural Awareness

1 Course     4.5 credit hrs.

Select 1course from the list of Humanities or Social Sciences General Education course options in the current course catalog. 



Scientific Inquiry

1 Course     4.5-6.0 credit hrs.   

Select 1 course from list of Natural or Social Science General Education courses in the current course catalog.


*Students choosing a Social Sciences course to satisfy the Scientific Inquiry requirement should take a Humanities course to satisfy the Critical Thinking/Creativity and Social/Cultural Awareness competency.


Professionalism/Life Skills & Information Literacy

1 Course     4.5

Select one of the following courses.

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