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2021-2022 Course Catalog 
2021-2022 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Culinary Arts and Management

Institute for the Culinary Arts

The Institute for the Culinary Arts creates and delivers quality education for life-long learning through positive, hands-on, guest-centered experiences in Culinary Arts and Hospitality. We intend to be the benchmark in culinary arts and hospitality education by believing in and committing to the following values:
Excellence | exceeding expectations
Stewardship | being respectful and responsible with our resources
Teamwork | working together to achieve our goals
Learning | encouraging discovery, rigor and innovation

Degrees & Certificates

  1. AAS Culinary Arts and Management
    2 years of fulltime study (96.0 credit hrs.)
    These options are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission.
    1. Baking & Pastry Option - CABA2
      Students prepare themselves for a creative and rewarding career as a professional baker or pastry chef. Graduates are ready do the hands-on work to rise to the challenges faced in today’s fast-paced and continually evolving baking and pastry industry.
    2. Culinary Arts Option - CACA1
      Students refine their culinary skills, embrace their hospitality mindset, advance their managerial chops, and are ready to launch into fulfilling careers as chefs through completing this degree track.
  2. AAS Hospitality and Restaurant Leadership
    2 years fulltime study (96.0 credit hrs.)
    1. Food and Event Management Option - CHFA1
      Students dreaming about becoming a great restaurant manager, or event coordinator, or food service operator, or beverage professional, or…this is the path for them.
    2. Hospitality Entrepreneurship Option - CHBA1
      If opening their own business in the foodservice arena is the goal…this degree option has the balance of skill development, business acumen and leadership development students will need to start that journey.
  3. Certificates of Achievement
    1 year fulltime study (48.0 - 48.5 credit hrs.)
    These certificates are half of the respective degree option.
    1. Baking & Pastry Certificate - CBPCE
    2. Culinary Arts & Mgmt Certificate - CAMCE
  4. Career Certificates
    6 months fulltime study (25.0 - 27.5 credit hrs.)
    1. Culinary Arts Foundations - CAFSD
      This career certificate is also offered as a 9 month career academy cohort for high school juniors and seniors.
    2. ManageFirst Career Certificate - CHMCC


Notes & Advice

First Quarter Classes: Students entering the culinary arts programs who have been assessed at college-level in all areas and/or completed any recommended developmental courses should register for CHRM 1000 Orientation, CHRM 1020 Sanitation, CHRM 1030 Introduction to Professional Cooking, and MATH 1242 Applied Math for Hospitality in their first quarter of study.

First Quarter Supplies: Approved uniforms, supplies, and text are required by the first day of CHRM 1030. A letter detailing these requirements will be sent to all students enrolled in CHRM 1030 Introduction to Professional Cooking.

Additional Uniforms: Students will also be required to purchase and wear attire for front of the house labs as detailed in course syllabi.

General Education Recommendations: The following courses have been contextualized for students in all degree and certificate areas at The Institute for the Culinary Arts.

ENGL 1220 section CA Technical Writing for Culinarians

Quantitative/Numeracy Skills
MATH 1242 Applied Math for Hospitality

Critical Thinking/Creativity and Social/Cultural Awareness
HUMS 1160 Humanities & Food Culture

Scientific Inquiry
All approved choices are acceptable

Professionalism/Life Skills & Information Literacy
All approved choices are acceptable

Strategic Scheduling: All required courses for completing the culinary arts degree option are offered on Monday & Wednesday, and Tuesday & Thursday.

Contact Information: Call 531-622-2510 to schedule an appointment to discuss your career and educational goals.