Aug 15, 2022  
2022-2023 Course Catalog 
2022-2023 Course Catalog

2022 - 2023 Catalog Addendums

While every possible step has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the catalog, sometimes minor changes must be made throughout the year that are in the interest of the students or the College. The following are updates and changes made after the initial publication on May 2, 2022. These changes are reflected in the online version of the catalog but will not be reflected in the print version and are considered an addendum to the 2022-2023 catalog.


Course Changes




Program Changes

6/30/2022 - The pathway to GSAAS has been removed from the following certificates programs and they are now considered stand alone certificates.

Building Maintenance (IBMSD)

Business Management - Not-for-Profit Management (BMNCE)

Business Start-Up (BSUCC)

Customer Service Representative (PSCSD)

Entrepreneurship Generalist (BEGCE)

Global Perspectives (GLPCC)

Language Interpretation (LGICE)

Masonry and Concrete Construction (CMCSD)

Not-for-Profit Management (BNPSD)

Plumbing Apprenticeship - Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing (ARPCE)

Plumbing Fundamentals (PLFCC)

Professional Communication (PRCCC)

Publication Writing and Design (PWDCE)

Spanish for Business (SBPS1)

Spanish for Healthcare (SMPS1)

Video/Audio Communication Arts - Screenwriting (VACS1)

Video/Audio Communication Arts - Sound Recording (VSRC1)


7/18/22 - Nursing (ASNAS)

Due to an entry error, clarification has been added to the Professionalism/Life Skills & Information Literacy competency and the credit hours have been adjusted to reflect MCC general education requirements. The catalog now reflects:

Professionalism/Life Skills & Information Literacy

1 Course     4.5

Select one of the following courses.

The new graduation requirements are as follows:

General Education: 46.50
1st year (LPN) Major Requirements: 30.5
2nd year (RN) Major Requirements: 22.0
Total credit hours required: 99.0


Other Changes

6/7/2022 - Academic Policies and Procedures > Credit for Students with Earned Undergratduate or Graduate Degrees

Correction. Change was made to reflect the following:

MCC credit is automatically awarded for some general education courses to students who have an official transcript on file in the Records office, noting conferred bachelor’s, master’s, juris doctor, or doctoral degrees from an nationally, accredited American institution. A student must have declared a major as well as actively seek a certificate or/and degree. Qualifying students will receive full credit for associate of applied science general education requirements.*


4.5 credit hrs.

Quantitative/Numeracy Skills

4.5 credit hrs.

Critical Thinking/Creativity & Social/Cultural Awareness

4.5 credit hrs.

Scientific Inquiry

4.5 credit hrs.

Professionalism/Life Skills and Information Literacy

4.5 credit hrs.


22.5 credit hrs.


* All Information Technology program majors are still required to take INFO 1001.