Nov 29, 2023  
2022-2023 Course Catalog 
2022-2023 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Individuals can register:

  • by calling the Contact Center at 531-622-5231
  • in person with an MCC staff member in the Student Services office at any of the campus/center locations
  • online using Student Self Service on My Way (current students only)

New Students

New students who wish to enroll at MCC should apply online at, or for more information regarding registration call the Contact Center at 531-622-5231.

Students wishing to enroll in more than 25.0 credit hours need to meet with an academic advisor or advocacy or disability support services counselor to request permission. Generally, only students with a 2.5 or higher G.P.A. for the preceding quarters or demonstrated academic success are permitted to carry more than 25.0 credit hours.

Students are responsible for making any changes in their class schedule. All schedule changes are subject to College procedures, refund policies, and deadlines at all times.


MCC New Student Orientation (NSO) welcomes and introduces students to College services and programs that support their educational and personal goals. Orientation provides information for a “smart start” that includes; information on academic programs, advising and course scheduling, paying for college, campus safety, student support services, and tips for student success. Students can opt to register for and participate in a free online orientation at:  NSO consists of seven video segments and contains an embedded survey.  NSO is periodically offered in an in-person free group format at four locations prior to the start of each quarter. 

With the successful completion of NSO and the orientation survey, students will receive a printable certificate and have the orientation noted on their non- credit student record. For more information, go to

Current Students

Online Registration via Student Self Service

A username and password are required to access online registration. All students can obtain username and password help through the Password Station online at

1. Visit and click MyWay.
2. Enter and password to log in.
3. Click Student Self Service.
4. Once at the Colleague Self Service screen, click Student Planning.

Additional functions of Student Self Service include:

  • Student Finance - manage billing statements and make online payments
  • Tax Information - change your consent for electronic delivery of tax information
  • Grades - view grades by term
  • Financial Aid - access financial aid data and other forms
  • Course Catalog - view and search the current course catalog
  • Academic Attendance - view attendance by term

Phone Registration

Call 531-622-5231 (toll-free 800-228-9553) and have your student ID number ready.

Change of Registration

The College provides specific timelines each quarter to change schedules. The following guidelines apply to course registration changes:

  • Many courses allow late registration, but the dates and process varies by program and courses. Please contact the Academic Dean’s office based on the course.
  • Refunds vary based on the start date of the course and the date that the class is dropped. Last day for dropping classes without a charge varies per quarter, see your class syllabus for exact dates or call 531-622-5231 for assistance. The MCC refund policy is a full refund until 2/11th of the course sections have met. After 2/11th of the sections have met, no refund is given and a withdraw (W) from the course is reflected on their transcript.
  • Students may withdraw from a course any time prior to the last day to drop a class section.
  • Withdrawing from a course within the designated drop period results in a W, which is recorded on the student’s permanent record.
  • Failure to withdraw from a class may result in the assignment of an F grade to the student’s permanent record.
  • Schedule changes are the responsibility of the student. Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal or relieve a student of the financial obligation of tuition.
  • F-1 international students should contact International Student Services before dropping below 12 credit hours.
  • Students receiving financial aid are advised to confirm their program of study and eligible coursework before making registration changes. All changes must be complete before the census date of the quarter to be included in eligible credits for financial aid.

Schedule changes are the responsibility of the student. The changes must follow College procedures, refund policies, and deadlines at all times. Academic advisors and/or the Contact Center are available to assist students with schedule changes.

Course Cancellations

The College may find it necessary to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances. Whenever possible, the course is canceled prior to the first class meeting, and the students are notified. Students enrolled in a canceled course receive a full refund.

Books and Materials

Students are expected to obtain books, supplies, and materials needed for classes. In addition, some programs require the purchase of special items (tools, a camera, etc.). A complete listing of special costs is available at the campus bookstores or online at Students can also explore the textbook exchange at